From scroll to best-selling paperback - the adventures behind how we got our Bible (includes exploration of issues of Bible translation and a bit on the work of Wycliffe Bible translators and the Bible Society).

3 months to go

Leader: Rev. Dr. Sue Woan

We will be having another teaching day at ASM on Saturday 12th October 2024. From ancient scrolls to best-selling paperbacks, the journey of how we received our Bible is a fascinating tale. It encompasses the challenges of Bible translation and touches on the efforts of organizations like the Wycliffe Bible Translators and the Bible Society. Rev. Dr. Sue Woan, with her gift of bringing such subjects to life, has led days at ASM before, on "A romp through the Old Testament", "Walking in New Testament Footsteps" and two half-days on the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John. We are delighted to have her back again. Free tickets will be available through EventBrite as before. Start and End Time shown above are only approximate and will be confirmed later. More details to follow...

Contact Alan for more details - 01362 857904

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