Online Worship

Welcome to our online worship


Using Zoom with your laptop, PC, table or smartphone

From now on our Sunday Morning Services can be joined from

Meeting ID: 834 0140 0096

Password: 858873

To join by phone, please ring one of the following numbers. When prompted, enter the meeting ID followed by #, when prompted for a participant ID just enter #, then finally when prompted enter the password followed by #

  • 0203 481 5237
  • 0203 481 5240
  • 0131 460 1196
  • 0203 051 2874

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Alan Cossey at


During the week we have a service of Daily Prayer focussing on each of our parishes in turn. Please either launch Zoom and enter a meeting ID of 835 1392 5378 with the same password as above or click/tap

The parish focus each day is:

  • Hockering - Monday
  • Yaxham - Tuesday
  • Welborne - Wednesday
  • East Tuddenham - Thursday
  • North Tuddenham - Friday
  • Mattishall - Saturday (informal prayer time)


  • When you have joined use "Gallery view" to see who else is in the meeting and say, "Hello" if you want to.
  • Try to ensure the name you use when you join the meeting is a useful one, e.g. "Alan Cossey" rather than "Samsung Galaxy 7". If you forget to do it on entering, you can alter it once you have joined.
  • When the service has finished, but while the Zoom meeting is still running, use "Gallery view" again to see who is still there and wave to people as we say, "Goodbye" to each other.


Latest News/Feature...

R & R project in ASM

A major project is getting under way at All Saints, Mattishall, to provide for a new servery, a new toilet, conversion of the tower room into a proper room and a significant amount of extra storage space. Here is a link to the videos used at that service on 11th July 2021.

Please note that these online videos do not have the additional directions (Alan pointing at things with the mouse pointer) which were available on screen when shown live at ASM, but they are still clear.

A diagram showing the proposed new layout is downloadable from HERE. Note there is one small error in the diagram, i.e. we do not plan to have a worktop over the radiator in the north-west corner. Apart from that, the diagram is accurate.

15th July 2021 addition: Two (similar) views of how the new servery (not a kitchen!) is intended to look are now available at HERE and HERE.



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