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Welcome to our online worship


During the week we have a service of Daily Prayer focussing on each of our parishes in turn. Please either launch Zoom and enter a meeting ID of 835 1392 5378 with the same password as above or click/tap

The parish focus each day is:

  • Hockering - Monday
  • Yaxham - Tuesday
  • Welborne - Wednesday
  • East Tuddenham - Thursday
  • North Tuddenham - Friday
  • Mattishall - Saturday (informal prayer time)


  • When you have joined use "Gallery view" to see who else is in the meeting and say, "Hello" if you want to.
  • Try to ensure the name you use when you join the meeting is a useful one, e.g. "Alan Cossey" rather than "Samsung Galaxy 7". If you forget to do it on entering, you can alter it once you have joined.
  • When the service has finished, but while the Zoom meeting is still running, use "Gallery view" again to see who is still there and wave to people as we say, "Goodbye" to each other.


4 weeks to go

Coming Up Next...

Norfolk Churches Trust Bike Ride

The annual sponsored bike ride takes place on Saturday 10th September this year. Details can be found at Bike Ride & Walk - The Norfolk Churches Trust. Please see the link for details about times, locations, etc.

Please note that this clashes with the very important Away Day for the Mattishall congregations. We do hope that people in the benefice other than from ASM will be able to support this.

Contact Church Office for more details - 01362 858873

Coming Up Soon...

Walking in New Testament Sandals (1 month to go)


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Readings for Daily Prayer July 16th to August 31st 202

Dear Friends,

I trust you are all well, and staying cool in this heat.

The school holidays begin at the end of next week. Hockering and Yaxham Primary schools will be holding services to say thank you and goodbye to their year 6 leavers.

Transitions form Primary to high school can bring about mixed emotions. Please do pray for them that they will all feel a sense of peace and readiness for the journey ahead of them. Pray also for those who will be visiting their new teachers for the first time in reception class and for their parents letting go it can be an emotional time for them too.

For those of you taking the opportunity to go on holiday or visit family or friends I hope and pray that you will be energised, refreshed and rested.

Bible readings  for Morning Prayer from Sat 16th July – 31st August can be downloaded from HERE. The liturgy remains in ordinary time.

With every blessing




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