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All Saints Church, Mattishall

Saturday, 14th October 2023


More details later.

Contact Church Office for more details - 01362 858873

Mark my Word and John - The Word becomes Flesh

3 weeks to go

TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE AT https://tinyurl.com/MATVMarkAndJohn 

In the Mattishall and Tudd Valley benefice we use the Church of England lectionary when planning which texts to use as the basis of our sermons on Sundays. The lectionary is used by several major denominations and its aim is to help ensure that, over a 3 year period, the most important subjects get preached on at some point. With the New Testament Matthew's gospel is used one year (Year A), then Mark's the following year (Year B) and finally Luke's (Year C) before going back to Matthew and repeating the cycle. At certain important points in the church year (largely Christmas and Easter) parts of John's gospel are used each year. At certain points in the year (again around Christmas and around Easter) we are required to use some of the texts set for each Sunday, though there is some choice possible, but the rest of the year we can choose other readings if we so wish, e.g. if we want to do a series on something, such as the Beatitudes, which we did some time back.

Each new church year starts at the start of Advent and in 2023 it is 3rd December 2023. Thus, this December we will be entering Year B and hence will be majoring on Mark's gospel and continuing to use John's as required.

We are, therefore, taking the opportunity to ask Sue Woan back to spend a morning with us looking at Mark's gospel and then John's gospel after lunch.


  • "Mark my word" - an exploration of Mark's gospel, will include extra focus on Mark’s beginnings and endings, which are very different from the other gospels. Why?
  • "John - the Word becomes flesh" – includes a focus on the differences from synoptics (Matthew, Mark and Luke), the ‘signs’ and the I AM sayings which so shocked the Jewish leaders.

Sue has previous led days at ASM on "A Romp Through The Old Testament" and "Walking in New Testament Sandals", which have gone well. As with those previous events, there is no charge for the day, though contributions would be welcomed.

Contact Alan for more details - 01362 857904

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