North Tuddenham Mardle for April 2023 now available.

North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine for April 2023 is now available HERE.


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North Tuddenham Mardle for March 2023

North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine for March 2023 is now available from HERE.


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Information about All Saints, Welborne

Two documents about All Saints, Welborne, have been uploaded to this website that may interest you. One is a leaflet from 2015 giving details about the church building at that time (before the Fawlty Towers project, which provided a servery and loo) and a booklet, which gives details of the inscriptions in both the church building itself and on the memorials in the churchyard.

Please click on the links above to see the items.


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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

We will have all seen the harrowing accounts coming from southern Turkey and north-west Syria and wish to contribute financially to helping people there. There are several appeals starting to appear, including, the organisation that coordinates responses among 15 British charities, including several Christian ones. One of ASM's mission partners is Open Doors, an organisation that helps persecuted Christians, and they have their own appeal HERE. Open Doors will be aiming to specifically help Christians there, a group that will struggle even more than other people, difficult though that is to imagine, because many Christians in Syria are desperately poor already and miss out in relief work generally.


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North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine for February 2023

North Tuddenham's Mardle for February 2023 is now available from HERE.


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Fleeing North Korea

One of ASM's prayer partners is Open Doors, an organisation that supports persecuted Christians around the world. North Korea is generally recognised as the most difficult place in the world to be a Christian. Below are some details of support given to some of those fleeing that country to China and some of the major problems that still face them there.


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Open Doors World Watch List - persecution of Christians around the world

Open Doors, one of ASM's mission partners, has just published its World Watch List for 2023 at If you click on any of the country names you will get to see something of the cost of being a Christian in that country. May this inspire us to help our brothers and sisters through Open Doors itself or in whatever other way we can.


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Survey being done by diocese of Norwich

The EDP has done an article on a survey being run by the diocese of Norwich. It would be great if people would have a look and answer the questions if they can. Thanks.


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North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine

North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine is now downloadable from HERE


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North Tuddenham Mardle for November 2022

North Tuddenham's Mardle for November 2022, including details of this year's Remembrance Service, can now be found HERE.


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St. Mary's Church, North Tuddenham, standing proud again

Greetings to you all!

Just thought you might like to drive or walk up to the church and see St Marys Church standing proud again, with the churchyard free from all signs of ongoing building work.

It’s almost surreal after all this time!

Yes, except for the west window which is being restored and will be re-installed in February 2023, the repair work is finally complete!!!!!.

It’s a proud day for the village.

I remember that repair work officially started on March 16th 2021, although access restrictions were imposed as far back as February 2019!

There is a Communion Service tomorrow (Sunday 9th October) and a Harvest Service on the 23rd October,

Next month is Remembrance and then we are into Christmas.

Hope to see sometime in St Mary’s to celebrate!

Best wishes

Mike (Smith)


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