Video of All Saints, Mattishall, from the air.

One of the dads, James Peach, from Who Let The Dads Out? at ASM has very kindly done us a video of ASM using his drone. Do have a look at the video using the link below so you can see ASM in a way you've never seen it before. Yes, there is a lot of lead on our roof and yes, we do now have it protected.

Our thanks go to James for doing this. It is much appreciated.

See the video here.


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Thought for the month - October 2019

I’m sure you will agree what a wonderful summer we’ve had! It’s been a pleasure to be outside, gardening or just relaxing. The farmers have safely gathered in the harvest crops for which I am sure they are thankful.

We live in such a lovely county, I’m amazed at the beauty we have around us. Our God created such a fantastic world, we have so much to thank Him for.

I do hope we remember to thank Him for the good things we have and don’t just pray to Him with a list of requests.

He is always there for us and we can always talk to Him in prayer, He will hear us and He will answer us, it will be in His time and it may be a ‘yes’, it may be ‘no’ or it may be a ‘wait’. He always knows what is best for us.

Prayer isn’t difficult, you just need to talk to Him as you would your best friend. If you would like prayer for anything, or would like to pray with someone, do please contact somebody in any of our churches and they will be only too pleased to be with you, I am sure.

May we continue to appreciate the beauty around us and the different seasons we encounter.

And may we all feel God’s blessing with us at all times.

Thank you,




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Thought for the month - September 2019

Whenever I open the door of our garden shed, my eyes are drawn to a small green watering can that we bought for our grandson so that he could help me water the tomatoes. It reminds me of 1 Corinthians 3, verses 5-9, verse 6 of which says:

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”

During the next five weeks we have lots of harvest events taking place across the benefice with special services, suppers and school assemblies. Opportunities to come together and give thanks to our God who provides for all our needs and to give thanks for those whose labour brings food to our tables.

Living in a rural community, we witness first-hand the changing seasons that determine the farming year. Paul uses the image of farming or gardening to send an important message to the young church at Corinth, namely that whilst one person may plant, another water - it is God who makes things grow. We each have a job to do and working together, we can be fruitful.

In September, our grandson starts primary school. It strikes me that teachers are farmers of a different kind, as they sow seeds for learning to open up the world to our young people. I pray that my grandson will get a taste for more than just tomatoes!

May this season of harvest be one for giving thanks; and for remembering the generosity of those who donate to our local foodbanks, community fridge and who have provided meals for children during the summer holidays.

And finally, my prayer is that God will help us to grow his church in our benefice.   




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GATE 2019 Project - Janet Clark Memorial Milling Machine

Janet Clark, who with her husband Les, founded and operated GATE, died on 13th June 2019 after a battle with womb cancer. As a charity we want to build a milling machine in her memory in the first village she visited in The Gambia, Sasita Medina.

Pounding cous is very hard work and is done every day. The women in Sasita Medina have to walk 7 km(4 miles) to the nearest milling machine. A milling machine in Sasita Medina will also serve 7 surrounding villages, Sasita Toranke, Dighanteh, Sareh Bully, Sein Boboreh, Foreyaa, Sareh Saidy and Farumburregh and save the women there a 7km(4 miles)+ trek too! Providing a milling machine in their village will save the women labour and the need for the older children to mind the babies and toddlers while mum is pounding will be removed. Some years ago, when we installed a milling machine in Bakadargi 500 children were able to go to school the day it went ”live” as they were no longer needed to mind their younger siblings while mum was busy pounding millet to make cous so they could eat that day. This is why the Sasita Milling Machine project, will be a great and fitting memorial to all the hard work Janet did in The Gambia.

If you can hold a coffee morning, host a talk and slide show with craft sale, or organise any kind of fundraising event or make a donation please get in touch, as anything you can do will help! Please help us to raise the £6,500 we need for this project. We already have £2500!

Contact us through GATE's Facebook page, email: or write to us: G.A.T.E c/o All Saints Church Office, Dereham Road, Mattishall, Dereham, NR20 3QA.



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Thought for the month(s) - July and August 2019

They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit also Philip… ...who was presented to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.” (Acts 6:5-6).

 Throughout the bible there is the principle that God calls particular men and women for particular roles, that they are set apart for that role and that there is the release of the Holy Spirit to empower them in the role. In the Old Testament we see this many times—for example, David, called by God to be King or Elisha as prophet and then in the New Testament, the appointment of leaders for the church.

So in Acts 6 we see this with the first Deacons. They are set aside to physically wait on tables in order that fairness is observed in the distribution of food. They are called, set apart for the role and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands. Although this role as those who wait on tables is where we get the word deacon from, they are quickly shown to be more important than that, as Stephen is martyred after witnessing to Jesus and Philip goes on to bring an Ethiopian to faith and so found the Ethiopian church.

I write these words just before Andrea’s ordination as Deacon on June 29th. This service also follows this threefold pattern—it will recognise her call from God to serve him, that she is being set apart for this new role and she will be prayed for and receive the laying on of hands. As a symbolic mark of this new role she will put her dog-collar on for the first time on Saturday morning, and will receive a white stole at the service.

As a Deacon Andrea will be able to lead and preach at services, lead funerals, lead projects in the parishes and do other things as directed by me.

Then next year she will be ordained priest (or presbyter or elder) as a sign that she is ready for further responsibilities and leadership. But as a recognition that Christian leadership is “as one who serves” and following the example of the servant King, she will remain a deacon, as do I, Sally, and all other priests and bishops in the Church of England. We may be called into leadership, but we are also called to serve.

Over the next three to four years, while with us here in Mattishall and Tudd Valley, Andrea will be discovering more of this call of God upon her life and why He has called her into ordained ministry. She will gain skills that she will need for the future and will have opportunity to grow into the person God is calling her to be as an ordained minister of the Church of England.

This training is a kind of apprenticeship, which is why we have such an amazing privilege in all this. God has chosen Andrea, but he has also chosen us all, as the members of this benefice, to help Andrea discover more of what God has planned for her. It is not an academic training (she has already completed that) but practical training in the very warp and weft of parish life.

So please continue to uphold Andrea, Tim and us all in prayer as we discover what all this means for her, for them and for us.

Mark McCaghrey




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Cakes on a plate!

The cakes on a plate are going well. 

So well that we have had to order another 72!!

They are being so well received, so I urge you to think of a reason to make/acquire a cake and take it round to someone.  One recipient told us, ‘a cake is edible love’!

I am aware there are 20 new homes, which have been occupied off the main road in Mattishall at Walnut Tree Fields with more to be occupied.  We need 20 cakes!!!

The plan is for you to pick up a plate from ASM, the office or your own church and bring it along to the estate at 6.30pm on Friday 14th June.  If you can’t make it, ask a friend or contact me as I am happy to pick your cakes up.

If you can’t bake, ask a friend or supply someone with the ingredients.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, maybe the simpler the better so we have cakes to deliver which aren’t exotic, so please come down to my standard of a Victoria Sandwich or similar.

This is such a simple way of showing God’s love, Edible Love!

See you on the 14th!

Jackie Crisp




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Thought for the month - June 2019

We live in a world full of management jargon. “Moving forward” to mean do something in the future. “Low hanging fruit” to mean something is easy to do. “Run it up the flagpole” to mean try it out. “Communication Strategy” to mean planning how to talk to people. And most phrases like these are despised by those who endure them.

Now I don’t know if God ever had a Communications Strategy Meeting with the Archangels Gabriel and Michael to discuss Moving Forward with communicating his Mission Strategy and whether to Run It Up the Flagpole… But the bible shows God’s communication strategy anyway: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)

God communicated with us, not with a document, or strategy, or a text or WhatsApp message, newsletter or magazine, but with a person – his own Son Jesus. God’s eternal message to his world came and lived among us.

God got it just right when he sent Jesus. All other attempts since tend to fall short.

That includes the way we communicate with you. Historically our communication has only really been the Benefice News, supplemented by word of mouth and notices at services. However, this has not always been very efficient, and has cost a significant part of our shared benefice office expenses.

Last year we updated our website,, which is now the best way to find out about events, and which gives you the ability to find out about updates daily, weekly or monthly. We try to keep the website as fresh as possible so you will always have the most up to date news via the website update.

We do recognise that a paper supplement to the website is important – that it’s not an either/or but a both/and way of communicating. So last year when we started the new site, we cut down to a simple 4 page booklet, not least because we wanted to minimise the amount the benefice office costs us all.

Unfortunately, in our attempt to be good stewards of the money you give, we recognise that we may have become a little too spartan. Sorry. Therefore we will be changing the MATV News sheet so that it is printed on colour paper, has more content and graphics and is useful for those who don’t have access to the Internet and those who do, to those who are regular parts of the church family and visitors. However, it will also be slimmer than the old Benefice News so we keep our shared costs to a minimum.

But if you do have the internet, please use the website update emails. They really are the best way of staying in touch with what is going on, and we will never pass your emails onto anyone else. Just go to to sign up, select all groups and then we will keep you in touch the best we can.

Mark McCaghrey



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Path of Reflection at Welborne

All Saints' Church, Welborne, has constructed a "Path of Reflection" in the churchyard. The changing views across the fields from the church lend themselves to reflection and contemplation. Do take a few moments in your busy life to stop and take a look at the beauty around us from our new path to the north of the church.


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