Changes to Zoom connection details

Please note that as we expand our use of Zoom for services and meetings we are having to alter some of our connection details. The new connection details for our services are as below. Connection details for home groups and other meetings will be sent by email to those due to take part in them.

Morning Prayer Mon-Fri and Informal Prayer Sat
Meeting ID: 835 1392 5378
Password: 858873

Sunday Morning Services 
Meeting ID: 834 0140 0096
Password: 858873

To join a Sunday morning service by phone, please ring one of the following numbers. When prompted,
* enter the meeting ID followed by #,
* when prompted for a participant ID just enter #,
* then finally when prompted enter the password followed by #

0203 481 5237
0203 481 5240
0131 460 1196
0203 051 2874


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Praying for you

The church building may be closed but the Church, the people, are still there for everyone.

If you have something you would like to give thanks to God for, or to ask Him something, let us know and we would be privileged to pray for you.

If you don’t wish to provide details, that’s fine too.  All requests are confidential if you wish them to be.

To let us know:

Email –

Phone – 01362 858873 and leave a message if you wish and the office is closed.

Post – in the post box to the office which is adjacent to the Drs surgery.  The address is Church Office, Church Rooms, Dereham Road, Mattishall. NR20 3QA


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More worship songs from Sara Rootham

Sara and Jonathan Rootham have very kindly produced three more songs of worship for us. These can be seen as follows:

We hope you enjoy them.


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Helping Mid Norfolk Foodbank

Mid Norfolk Foodbank

Can you help?


Foodbanks are now feeding many families with basic essential foods.

A collection of non-perishable, non-alcoholic items can be donated at 4 Mill Road, Mattishall.  Please leave your bagged items on the doorstep and ring the bell to alert us a package has been left.

All items will be donated to the above foodbank on a weekly basis. All donations will be greatly appreciated and much needed.

         Many thanks.




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Videos and audio from Sunday 17th May 2020

Despite the problems at Zoom which stopped some of our people from seeing the service, we have managed to produce an audio file of the entire service. This can be played at or downloaded from the Resources section of this benefice website or directly from here.

We also have two videos available, the interview Mark had with our speaker, Andrew Davison, which we showed at the start of the service and a video of Andrew giving his sermon. These can both be seen here.



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Audio recording of our VE Day Commemoration Benefice Service

The audio of the VE Day commmemoration service we held together as a benefice is now available by either going to the Resources section of this website, where you can play it directly or download it, or by clicking here to download.


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Audio recording of our benefice service on Sunday 3rd May 2020

The audio recording of the benefice service online from Sunday 3rd May 2020 is now available. Please see the resources section of this website. Mel Stevenson was the preacher.


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North Tuddenham's Magazine May 2020 edition

The May 2020 edition of North Tuddenham's Mardle magazine is now available here.


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New song by the Rootham family

The Rootham family have been continuing to put their time together to good use. Another wonderful song from them using a song written by Graham Kendrick and based on the start of Psalm 25.


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New Bible Course to be run in the benefice

Do you know your Exile from your Exodus, your Jeremiah from your Job? Ever wondered what was going on during the time of that Old Testament reading that you didn’t really understand in church? Should we trust the bible? Why is this or that reading actually in the bible? Does it all seem to fit together or do the readings you read or hear seem totally unrelated and confusing?

Bible Society has created a course to help us understand and appreciate our bibles better. A couple of years ago, we ran it in a number of people’s homes and around 50 people took part overall. A new version of the course is now available and can be streamed to our homes for us to watch without having to meet together physically. Since so many people are restricted to their homes, it seems an ideal time to run it over the next few weeks.

The course consists of 8 sessions, each with 2 x 20 minute videos to watch together as well as time to discuss things together with one person leading the sessions. To enable us to chat together we will probably also use Zoom (as we have been doing on Sundays, but in a simpler fashion) and we will probably run one session per week.

To find out more details, please either contact Alan Cossey (01362 857904 or and / or have a look at the course website at where you can see a couple of short videos describing the course as well as being able to watch the video of the first session in its entirety (36 minutes = 2 x 18 minutes). The only cost is for a manual for each person which goes with the course and which is really very helpful both during the course and afterwards and costs £4.99 each (corrected from £3.99), which we can order it for you.

Hope you can join us.

Alan Cossey


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Using Zoom for Worship

Over the last three weeks (22nd, 29th March and 5th April) we have found Zoom to be an effective way of bringing us together in worship despite our physical separation. It is an App which can be used on Android/Apple or Windows devices and is relatively easy to install and use without requiring you to register . There are plenty of ‘How to’s online: This one is on how to Join a Zoom Meeting which will tell you how to join any of the acts of worship we are having this week.

Obviously, there are some things that are easier to do than others, so our worship is different from before, but with the same sense of the Spirit joining us together.

You can either join one of the acts of worship by clicking on the link above, or by installing/opening Zoom on your device, entering the correct Meeting ID (e.g. 224-497-494 for Easter Sunday) and then entering the password (which Zoom requires us to set) of 858873 which is the MATV Office Phone Number without the area code. The password is the same for all the Acts of Worship to make it easier to remember.

And please do offer to help with the worship in this most special of weeks by using the form you will find at to tell us how you would like to help. It would be helpful if you could use the form rather than via email as it will make the planning easier.

Looking forward to seeing you this week as we join together to remember all that Jesus has done for us.

With every blessing,



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Resources from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Norwich diocese

The Archbishop of Canterbury has created a short series on prayer. See for details. Also, Norwich Diocese is now running a series of podcasts. See for details.


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Rootham family and Hillsong song

While cooped up together the Rootham family from ASM have created a video of a new song from Hillsong for us. It should bring a smile to your face and, if you take the words on board, encourage you.

As people say, "Enjoy."


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Joint worship on Sunday 29th March at 9.45 for 10.00


Dear all,

I hope this week has not be an anxious time for you amid all the changes to our way of life and that you have been able to feel something of the presence of God, nonetheless.

After last week’s trial of streaming worship using Zoom, we are giving another go! It was great to see so many of you last Sunday, and thank you for all the encouraging comments after the service. It was great that so many of you found it a real blessing to see each other’s faces through the power of technology overcoming our physical separation.

Use this link for our worship this week and every week from now on: Or from your Zoom App, click “Join a Meeting” and then enter the Meeting ID of 224 497 494.

If you have not got the technology for Zoom (i.e. no Laptop or Smart Phone) you can still join us. Phone 0330 088 5830, 0131 460 1196 or 0203 481 5237 and enter the Meeting Id via your keypad when prompted. Obviously you won’t see us, but you will be able us this to follow the worship. If you tried the app last week but didn’t hear anything, that’s because you need to use select “Call via Device Audio” via the headphones icon at the bottom left hand side of the app screen when you connect to the service. If you don’t not only won’t we hear you, but you won’t hear us either.

Our worship begins at 10:00am although we will start gathering from 9:45 onwards. This week our worship will be led by Andrea and we will be joined by Ven. Ian Bentley, Archdeacon of Lynn, who will give our talk on the Bible Reading: John 11:1-45. There are some activity sheets to go with this bible reading are available at here for home printing. If you like craft try looking here: for some fun crafts to make.

On Friday or Saturday I will email out a service booklet for those of you who don’t like following words on a screen.

I would also be grateful if you can forward this email to friends, neighbours and members of your congregation. I am painfully aware that our distribution list does not yet have everyone’s emails on it. So please help by passing this on. The act of worship, like all our ‘normal’ worship is open to all and we don’t want anyone to miss out because we haven’t got their email on our system and of course that means that others in our communities or wider who want to join are very welcome.

Finally, can I ask you for forbearance, not least when things are not perfect or quite ‘as you would like it’. Please remember that an item of the service that you are finding a barrier to worship is almost certainly the one thing that is blessing someone else. If you don’t know the song, just listen to others worshipping or take that as an opportunity to have a biscuit (having switched your mike off of course so we don’t hear you crunching). We are a diverse benefice. Our worship from now on will reflect that.

Looking forward to seeing you again on Sunday.

With every blessing,



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