Mark profile

Rev. Mark McCaghrey

Mark grew up in rural Norfolk before being ordained in Surrey in 1994. Before coming to lead the Mattishall and Tudd Valley Benefice in 2012 he was Vicar of St. Andrew’s, Lowestoft for fifteen years. Mark is married to Fiona, a teacher and has four children.

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Sally profile

Rev. Sally Thurgill

I was ordained as an Ordained Local Minister in 2002. Although I lead services throughout the benefice, I focus my ministry on the smaller churches of the benefice. I am passionate about prayer and helping young people to learn more about the Bible and Jesus and our links with our local school are very important to me.

I have lived all of my life in Norfolk. Home is in Yaxham with husband Colin, who is a local builder, and our two dogs Anser and Lily. We have a son and daughter, both married and one grandson who brings us great joy.

Jackie profile

Mrs. Jackie Clay

I started attending ASM (All Saints', Mattishall) in 2002 when my daughter was invited along to children’s church by a friend from school. I joined an Alpha Course some months later, feeling somewhat sceptical and a little scared that ‘they’ might try to brainwash me, to be honest. As it turned out, it was to be life-changing for me in a way I could never have foreseen.

I began to train as a Licensed Minister, having felt a very unexpected call to preach, teach and pastor. I was licensed in 2009 and I am now Assistant Minister at ASM, supporting Mark and serving this church which I love.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband Steve, two daughters and two step-daughters and two Grandsons all of whom I adore. Jesus is absolutely central in my life and was the missing piece of the jigsaw for me for many years. I am just very, very thankful.

Alan profile

Mr. Alan Cossey

I became a Christian while studying Natural Sciences at university when I was dragged along to a discussion group by a friend. A turning point came when we looked at what happened the first Good Friday and Easter Day. Eventually I found it took more "faith" to believe that Jesus was not who he claimed to be than accept his claims about himself. Rather falteringly, I started out on what has become a life of following Jesus Christ (sometimes not very well). I became a Licensed Lay Minister (aka Reader) in 2013 and, amongst other things, look after the home groups in the benefice.

I was born in Hellesdon near Norwich and, apart from a gap year and university, have lived and worked in Norfolk all my life, working for a chemical company for 24 years and, since then, running my own (one man) business in IT.

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Jackie profile

Mrs. Jackie Crisp

I was licensed in 2013 and had a brilliant day at the Cathedral with my fellow candidates, family and supporters.  I feel very privileged to serve the people in the various parishes in the area since that day. By day I am a surveyor and then I return each evening to my semi-retired husband Graham who is now in the process of restoring a camper van.  I wonder what retirement is intended for me!  We have 2 married daughters and our first grandchild is expected this summer.

Tom profile

Mr. Tom Cross

My name is Tom Cross. I have lived in Mattishall for over 30 years with my wife, Susan. We have two grown up children who were born and grew up here, but have since flown the nest. I felt called to be a Licensed Lay Minister in 2005. It is an honour and a privilege to preach God's word and it is something I really enjoy. Being involved in PCC meetings, Messy Church, mentoring other Licensed Lay Ministers in training, taking funerals, co-leading a home group and doing some pastoral visits amongst other things, I find the role both varied and rewarding. I am a firm believer in the importance of mutual encouragement in our Christian lives. It is good to have a rector who encourages people to find their vocations and be part of a staff team which works well together and supports each other in our ministries.

Margaret profile

Mrs. Margaret Dixon

Margaret has been a Licensed Lay Minister (aka Reader) for many years and has a wealth of experience to share with others. For 35 years, she was a teacher and she has travelled all over the world. Margaret mainly leads services at East Tuddenham and is a hospital visitor.

Mel profile

Mrs. Mel Stevenson

I was licensed as a Lay Minister ( Reader) in September 2017. I lived in Mattishall for 19 years before recently moving out of the Benefice. However I still feel called to minister in the Mattishall and Tudd Valley group of churches. I also work in Mattishall and help to run a voluntary group in the village. I have two grown up children and live with my husband, an elderly cat and a mad rabbit!

Joyce profile

Mrs. Joyce Turner

When I was a child I went to a Sunday School, which I enjoyed. In my early teens we moved and I went to the local youth club, which was connected to a church. It was there in my mid teens that I became a Christian.
In 1996 we moved to Norfolk and started going to the local church in Welborne. In 2002 I went forward for Lay Ministry (Reader) training. I was licensed in Norwich Cathedral in May 2005, a wonderful day.
I have a son & daughter and three grandchildren whom I adore. I now live in Mattishall.


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